The browser you use on internet

15. 11. 16
posted by: O. Sinclair
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For years and years I have used Mozilla Firefox as my preferred browser to access internet, actually since before it was even called Firefox. During the years have experimented with others (Konqueror, Rekonq, Qupzilla, Opera and of late the new Microsoft Edge) and of course sometimes found myself locked in the "only works with Internet Explorer" box.

But I have always returned to Firefox. Until now. For reasons beyond my knowledge there are sites and functions that either simply do not work in Firefox or they "eat my computer alive" by taking an enormous chunk of memory and CPU.

So I find myself on Chrome, the browser made by Google. I avoid logging in to my account as I have no use whatsoever for "sharing on all my devices". There are aspects of the design I find very crude BUT it is faster, does not choke on certain websites and is more frequently updated.

I will continue to update and try out new versions of Firefox but for now, with a somewhat heavy heart: Chrome is a better working option