Replace AdBlock and improve browser performance

15. 08. 08
posted by: O. Sinclair
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As so often in IT you "stumble upon" something. Of late I have noticed that both Firefox and Chrome seems to have slowed down and use up quite a bit of memory. So I have been trying to find the reason for this.

While I am not sure this is the whole reason it is known that extensions can cause this, as well as having many tabs open. So I started looking at the exensions I use on both browsers.

Being one who is not particularly interested in adverts or being "tracked" on both browser I used Adblock Plus and Disconnect. After some searching I found an alternative in Ublock origin that can replace both, from what I can see after doing the replace use less memory and the browser both feel a bit snappier. Especially on social networks actually.

As a bonus I got rid of all those "I can see that you are using AdBlock. Kindly stop doing that as.." and so on.

As always this is something that may or may not work for you. Check in the browsers extension for "ublock origin" if you want to give it a try

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