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15. 02. 22
posted by: O. Sinclair
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For those who know me it is not a secret that I am an avid fan of Open Source Software and a long time user of Linux with the KDE desktop. For those who do not know: unlike Windows or Apple/Macintosh in Linux you have a wide choice of desktop interfaces to choose from. The more well known are KDE (K Desktop Environment), Gnome, Unity, LXDE and XFCE. There are plenty others for those who look for something specific. 

I like and use KDE because while it is very configurable it is also a very vibrant community-driven environment. There is a very open and outreaching community of developers and designers doing their best to actually involve users. There are and have been times when changes have been done that have horrified us users, just like in any other environment when the designers make a hard choice that user see no short term benefit in.

I picked up Kubuntu around 2007 and have never really looked back. Of course I run Windows as I have to professionally know that environment (I have 3 different Windows client and server versions in virtual computer installations) but when it comes to actually gettings my work done Kubuntu it is. 

In the years KDE migrated from a mature but somewhat "stale" version 3.5 to an initially chaotic version 4 where we now are on 4.14.5 that works really well. So of course the devs again decided to migrate to a totally new version that , to no surprise, will be KDE 5. 

I have played around with the early releases but found that it was not stable enough for my needs. However, in just a few months Kubuntu will release a new version and it will be based on KDE5. A much better description of this system that I can give you can find here: KDE Plasma 5.2 review

And then (in May that is) I will find out how it works out for me.... or if I decide to hang on to my very stable and working KDE 4 installation for a while

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