Windows 10 is approaching

15. 02. 21
posted by: O. Sinclair
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Some time during 2015 Microsoft will release the new version of Windows, simply named Windows 10.

Why did they skip version from Windows 8 to Windows 10? Well noone is willing to confirm but I have read 2 reasonably likely theories:

1. To distance the new version from Windows 8 that frankly most users as well as IT professionals find "hardly usable"

2. Due to the old Windows 95 and 98 versions huge amounts of software do a check for "version 9x" during installation and upgrades. A Windows 9 version would create massive confusion and need for upgrades. While that might not be bad in itself (upgrade of code) this is an easy way around that issue

Whichever version is true I look forward to the release for a few reasons as I support a large number of Windows users. The first one is to get rid of the mismash that is Windows 8, the second one that this time Microsoft will allow users a free upgrade from Windows 7 and 8 to the new version during the first 12 months after release. That is actually great news and I assume the intention from Microsoft is to not again find itself in a "Windows XP situation". With that I mean that the majority of users were (and are in many cases still) perfectly happy with Windows XP and saw no compelling reason to pay for an upgrade to either Windows Vista (horror..) or Windows 7. Then you get both the headache of supporting old software for an extended time while at the same time being blamed for an increasingly insecure huge number of computers in operation.

I have tried it out and will do so again (there is a testing program for pre-releases, another good idea by Microsoft) and am cautiously optimistic. It is heavy on resources but I expect that to improve during the testing phase. It works WAY better than Windows 8 where the mix of "touchscreen" interface and keyboard/mouse interface is nothing but frustrating.

There is still no compelling reason for a user of Windows 7 to upgrade but I honestly do hope that many will do so just to get a newer, hopefully more secure and stable, version without having to go through some expensive and complicated upgrade scheme.

I personally loath that you have to open a Microsoft account but then in all honesty: an Android phone will not work without a Google account, anything Apple will not work without an iTunes account. So why should Microsoft not try to tie their users as close to the company as possible?

So yea, as a Linux user I actually look forward to a new Windows version ;-)

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