Messenger/Chat/Call application overload

15. 11. 20
posted by: O. Sinclair
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Following a discussion on Google+ I started looking at the number of "messenger/chat" applications I am involved in and supposed to be alert to. Some of them have online call functions, some not.

In any case, here goes: 

  1. Skype - totally necessary for business and social communication
  2. Viber - a kind of Skype, not so widespread but very useful, the desktop client is better than Skype (on Linux)
  3. Yahoo messenger - as I have yahoo mail account I use for various things
  4. Google Hangouts/Talk - as I have a gmail account I use a lot
  5. Telegram - for those who value privacy 
  6. Whatsapp - widely spread phone app here, totally crap computer interface but necessary for business and social communication
  7. Facebook messenger - I don't use it much myself (too much "social noise" when you working) but it is in all honesty sometimes the easiest way to get hold of someone

I also used to have ICQ but was left with so few contacts using it that I with some relief deleted it. I also have a Twitter account but killed that one off, I find it uninteresting and more "noise" than useful information.

So there you go - 7 chat/call applications. And supposed to work on laptop as well as phone. This is madness.. I am simply going to have to kill off or stop using at least 2. 

Then I would love a software that integrates the remaning in the same interface - but that does not exist. I do not envy the programmer who will try and take on this task either. Facebook regularly change their interface, Skype and Viber are not very informative about theirs, Telegram I don't know. Whatsapp I am not even sure they publish anything about how to interface with their application.

I think it might be time to say bye to Yahoo Messenger, I have only 1 or 2 contacts really active on that platform. Then I might just have to give up Viber for Skype, no matter how much I like Viber. Not so many contacts on Viber (perfect in some ways, less "noise") while Skype is the widely used platform for my business contacts.

How I wish there was a standard for this so that 1 software could access all of them.

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