The somewhat murky waters of Windows 10 updating and licensing

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15. 08. 24
posted by: O. Sinclair
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Apart from having serious privacy issues (there is a bunch of settings to switch off unless you want Microsoft to listen in on what you are doing, check this site) the whole "free upgrade" is not as straightforward as you might think.

For starters you will not be invited to upgrade if your computer is part of an Active Domain (AD) and that means most business/corporate computers. And I am yet to find out how Volume License Keys will be dealt with as MS only talks about those "partners" who pay an annual license but not whose who once bought and were fine with it.

So in plain language: a lot of users who have read about this wonderful new free upgrade are not getting any invitation to upgrade.

Solution, at least for Windows 8.1 (have not yet tried Windows 7 but here is a link to a software doing that) is to download the full disk image (iso) at Microsoft. Mount it as a virtual drive (basically right-click on the file and choose that option). Open the new "CD" and follow instructions. You will be upgraded with a few reboots and no complaints.

This is also "cheaper" for those who have many computers compared to downloading the upgrade over and over again. Copy the image (iso) to the computer you want to upgrade and go ahead.

You, or someone else, will soon find out that playing certain media like movie DVD does not work in Windows 10 for some reason that only MS can explain. VLC Media Player is your friend, download and install from VLC.

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